On Being a Member of Fountain House Bronx

Posted on September 20, 2013

Becoming a member of the new Fountain House Bronx has been an honor. I enjoy coming to a place where I can feel welcome, bond with other members, and participate in clubhouse activities. I like taking time out to speak with the director, Michelle. Getting to know the other staff, Denise and Brie, has also been a pleasure. They all seem to be very professional and considerate to all members.

The work ordered day prepares me for work and helps me focus on the various activities. It gives me the opportunity to work with other members personally and professionally. This is what helps our clubhouse to function.

I give special thanks to the members who work in the kitchen and help prepare healthy and nutritious meals daily for the whole community.

The transition from being a member of the original Geel clubhouse has been easy going. I truthfully feel I am blessed to be a part of the new clubhouse, Fountain House Bronx. I look forward to meeting with Henry, a gentleman in charge of our newsletter, every week and sharing ideas and articles.

In closing, I hope we can continue to grow as a community, to be the empowered women and men that we all deserve to be in life. Thank you, Fountain House Bronx!

Shaun Coimbre
Member, Fountain House Bronx

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