Getting Healthy with Weight Wise

Posted on July 7, 2014

Two happy Weight Wise participants, Kischa B. and Jeannette W.We have started a great weight management program called Weight Wise. I would like everyone to participate in it. Weight Wise was adopted through a program at Columbia University and is very similar to Weight Watchers.

We use a unique point system to help people eat within a certain range, which varies from person to person. Weight Wise is not only for those who want to lose weight; it's also designed to help people learn how to eat healthier and maintain their weight.

Weight Wise is a judgment-free group that offers support and encouragement for people to attain their wellness goals.  We meet every morning Monday and Friday at 11:30 am in the conference room. Hope to see you there!

Denise A.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

It has been three weeks since I first started the Weight Wise program here at Fountain House. It’s been going quite well.  In the last three weeks, I lost seven pounds. I feel awesome. My goal for the week is to lose more weight and exercise consistently.

Every Monday and Friday we meet to talk about our successes and goals. We also weigh in and count points for the food we consume each day.  Sarah Getz, who is an intern from Columbia University, is an awesome leader. She has influenced me to lose weight and get in shape. I am happy to be a part of this weight loss program. I am proud to say that I’ve lost weight.

Kischa B.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

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