High Point Farm

Posted on February 24, 2014

High Point is property owned by Fountain House. It was donated to Fountain House by a member of the Board. There is a long history associated with it. I had never been to High Point before, but in October, I went for the first time.

Picking apples in the orchard at High Point FarmIt is a farm located in a rural part of New Jersey. On the farm they have a male llama and alpacas. They have chickens, an apple orchard, and a vegetable garden.

I picked apples in the orchard, I plucked vegetables out of the ground, and I fed and watered the chickens. I also fed and watered the llama and the alpacas. I found the llama and some of the alpacas a little bit intimidating. Going to High Point was a new experience for me. It also involved doing something I hardly ever do - leaving the city.

Chris B.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

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