Holiday Disaster Averted

Posted on February 24, 2014

On the 24th of December, I came in to help with the holiday party. Everything was all done, and we were ready to have some fun. We were planning a real feast, to say the least. We had a full house ready to be fed. Denise, the staff member who was working, was a real trooper, a real leader. I was glad to meet her. She went above and beyond the call of duty, and Santa and his helper joined the party at Fountain House Bronx.I would be proud to be in her platoon.

Except when we opened the oven, we saw that the Cornish game hens were white as a sheet.

To our surprise, they weren’t done, even though they had been in the oven for over an hour. So we had a Plan B. Like they always say, “Never have a Plan A without a Plan B." Denise was not beat. I thought our goose was cooked, but she and her friends from Fountain House Manhattan decided to order out. They were tried and true and they were true blue. When I got to know them they were cool, so they went to Giovanni’s to save the day. Everyone worked like a team. It was fun - the best moment I have ever seen. Maybe next year the gang goes to Manhattan and has our party there.

Bryant G.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

The Christmas party began with total chaos. The oven was ill-tempered, and the people were restless. When the Cornish hens didn’t roast, the alternative was lasagna and stuffed shells with sauce, fruit salad, a tossed salad, and tea, coffee, and cake, so the rest of the meal went smoothly.  The raffle was fun. We talked and played tunes, as well as cleaned up the mess when the party was over.

There was no gingerbread house. But, there was a Santa Clause, and gifts were given. Santa did a great job with the help of helpers Denise and Elliott and things went smoothly afterwards.

But the thought of the gingerbread house is still on the mind of a few. Maybe we can have it for Valentine’s Day? But, as usual, it was a memorable moment for those without family or a place to go to enjoy the holiday festivities. I want to thank you for hosting this event.

Eric J.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

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