Labor Day BBQ

Posted on September 20, 2013

Fountain House Bronx opened on July 1, 2013. It replaced the former Geel Clubhouse. The backyard was under construction but was finished in time for Fountain House Bronx to open. Though the construction was finished, the backyard was still filled with lots of debris. There was an extensive plan for staff and members to clear rubbish in order to make the backyard ready for our use.

Once the backyard was cleared, the clubhouse decided to have a Labor Day BBQ. A major project was buying a grill for cooking and assembling it in time for the big event. There was some concern as to whether we could complete it in time, but we managed to finish it!

I participated in assembling the grill with our director Michelle and some of the other members. It seems you have to be a genius in order to follow the complex instructions. Without Michelle and the other members, I don’t think I could have done it. I was surprised at the group’s skill in constructing the grill. In my opinion working on the grill with the groups was a lot of fun. To our pride and satisfaction, it was finished in a few hours - just in time for Labor Day!

When Labor Day came we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs; they were delicious. Richard, from Fountain House in Manhattan, came to work on the grill (he's a good cook), and Elliott also came with his wife. All in all, the first Labor Day at Fountain House Bronx was a great success!

Chris B.
Member, Fountain House Bronx

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