Poetry from Fountain House Bronx

Posted on February 24, 2014

The Fountain House Bronx community has many talented writers and artists. Please enjoy these poems excerpted from our monthly newsletter.

(Africa) Black Women
By Shaun C.

The Day will come and the Night will fall
Yet Sweetheart you are my Queen. My all in all.
Believe me when I tell you I truly care;
Trust me when I say my heartbeats are sincere
A Brother or Sister; Mother or Father; Grandparents we will be.
Watching our children play. That is our destiny.

Alone, a Poem
By Bryant G.

As he runs through the land so bare.
He falls down as he gets up and looks around,
No one there.
He tries to find happiness out there.
He even flies through the sky,
He looks down and he comes to the ground,
No one there.
He is angry at the world because someone special was taken away from him.
Now he sees the world as darkness and grim.
He will never be the same.
Sometimes he feels he is the blame.

By Aldo A.

The abuse people have
To face every day which
Never leaves their hearts.
The light can’t be seen
Through normal conditions.
So going to sleep at
Night brings chilling
Explosions that create
Inner death, even though
You’re alive.
The memory breaks you
Down so deep that your
Body has frozen
For years.
You want to
Die but you’re
Dying slowly from
The pain that
Never stops.
You reach out for
Help and nobody cares.
Suicide is on your
Mind for years.
So going outside
Is a horrible
Feeling you never forget.


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