Around the House

Joel is a talented musician, but after years of struggling with bipolar disorder, his guitar sat in the closet. “I really credit Fountain House Bronx for bringing me back to life,” he says.
By Lexis Glover
Since the rusted layer of foundation, both Fountain House and Fountain House Bronx have been wholeheartedly devoted to creating and maintaining stability in the lives of its members - from employment, education, wellness, and housing. I, Lexis Glover, if anything, am living proof of that.
Our week at Fountain House Farm was wonderful! This is our clubhouse’s second time there. We were able to help out with many things including checking on the bees’ well-being, cutting flowers, raking hay, laying down mulch, making signs for the gardens, replenishing supplies in the chalet, fixing the bikes, and most importantly caring for the animals.
The 1 in 4 5K run/walk was held on Saturday, April 12, 2014. It was a beautiful day, and everyone came out to support both Fountain House Manhattan as well as Fountain House Bronx. Volunteers arrived early to help set up and make preparation for the event.v
We have started a great weight management program called Weight Wise. I would like everyone to participate in it. Weight Wise was adopted through a program at Columbia University and is very similar to Weight Watchers.
On March 3, 2014 Program Director Elliott Madison and Member Kischa Brown were invited to the studios of BronxNet, The Bronx's public access channel, to talk about Fountain House Bronx. They spoke with "OPEN" host Bob Lee about the Fountain House approach to mental health recovery, Kischa shared her personal story, and a good time was had by all.
On Friday, February 14 two students from the Einstein Program gave an interactive presentation to members and staff of Fountain House Bronx about the function and purpose of the heart and how to maintain a healthy heart.
Just like the old US Postal Service creed states, not even the extreme weather New York City has experienced this winter can shut Fountain House Bronx down. Our community is always ready to pitch in and do what needs to be done. They even make shoveling snow look fun! Here are a few shots from February 13, one of our snowiest days.
The Fountain House Bronx community has many talented writers and artists. Please enjoy these poems excerpted from our monthly newsletter.
On the 24th of December, I came in to help with the holiday party. Everything was all done, and we were ready to have some fun. We were planning a real feast, to say the least. We had a full house ready to be fed. Denise, the staff member who was working, was a real trooper, a real leader.


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