Around the House

The only words that best describe my experience at Fountain House Bronx on Thanksgiving Day (2013) are: It was the "home away from home" for me because I totally enjoyed it all. The guests included our members, volunteers, and others.
Howie the Harp (HTH) is a Peer Specialist training program that trains former psychiatric individuals to become Peer Specialists who help other people with mental illness transition back into the community as they recover. Howie the Harp is a well-known program in the Tri-State area because many of its graduates go on to find employment.
On October 7, 2013, Fountain House Bronx underwent renovations of its facility located in 564 Walton Avenue. Members of this clubhouse, as well as volunteers from other Fountain House locations, came together to paint and upgrade.
A week of stimulation is far too much of an understatement for Clubhouse International’s 17th seminar (17IS) held in the downtown quadrant of St. Louis, Missouri. From inspirational and vastly philosophical workshops to an eye-opening march of the worldwide clubhouse representatives, one thing’s for sure; the “dull” perspective of St. Louis is no more! On behalf of Clubhouse international, we’ve created “funky town.”
High Point is property owned by Fountain House. It was donated to Fountain House by a member of the Board. There is a long history associated with it. I had never been to High Point before, but in October, I went for the first time.
Fountain House Bronx opened on July 1, 2013. It replaced the former Geel Clubhouse. The backyard was under construction but was finished in time for Fountain House Bronx to open. Though the construction was finished, the backyard was still filled with lots of debris. There was an extensive plan for staff and members to clear rubbish in order to make the backyard ready for our use.v


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